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25 June, 2022

From : Usha Saklani

One of the Best Homeopathy Clinic in Ahmedabad. Dr. Anjana is highly experienced & expert in homeopathy. She is a very good counselor & she understands your problems very well. She is more of a friend, mentor and philosopher. Most Recommended !!

9 May, 2022

From : Manav Kothari

I have known Dr Anjana since 4 years now. She was my doctor-counselor during the hard time of 12th. During those uncertain and stressful times, she helped me on how to focus on my goals and most importantly how to stay positive and optimistic. I was always excited to go to her clinic as it felt like a short break from the rat race. Get counseling always feels like professional as well as homely at the same time.

8 July, 2021

From : Karuna Chimankar

I have known Dr. Anjana Dongre since last 11 yrs and she has not only been my doctor but my support system through all my ups and downs. She has helped me to get out of my depression and anxiety of which I was suffering since long time. Her medications and counselling has helped me to get out of my depression and anxiety. I was also suffering from Hypothyroidism last year and She has helped to bring my thyroid levels in normal range within 2 months. Her medicines has not only helped to bring all by vitals and blood tests within range but has also helped me to become energetic and restored my immunity. She is a good listener and understands your problem. I live in London but she has always been prompt in giving online appointment and also sending all my medicines on time. She is now closely monitoring my thyroid levels and helping to keep them on track through her medicines. Her medicines have no side effects and easy to consume. Her medicines are also helping to control my dad's diabetes and blood pressure issues. She is treating my mom for her depression and anxiety and I am already seeing improvement in her. I will recommend her strongly as she is very supportive and approachable. She understands your issues and helps us to understand them. I am very thankful to her for treating all my illness and ensuring my health is on track.

Thank you so much.

8 July, 2021

From : Aadila

I have had a few sessions with Dr anjana. Her techniques are brilliant and put everything into perspective for me. I love the way she understood me. Following the techniques she has given has improved my life drastically;

8 July, 2021

From : Preeti M

Dr. Anjana has been a blessing in disguise. Met her at the right time, and even with only virtual sessions, she has had such a positive effect on my life. She has been instrumental in helping me grow emotionally and dealing with all kinds of changes.

8 July, 2021

From : Dr. Ela Singh

I was suffering from a bad case of eczema. Consulted Dr. Dongre. She put me on 2 meds, and not to apply anything on the site. Skin problems are difficult to treat with allopathy, but homoeopathic treatment works wonders. Patience is required, as the treatment is quite time consuming .
It took more than a year , and some repeat doses of the meds, to cure my eczema. But the results are fantastic! No more oozy itchy lesion. Have been absolutely fine now for more than a year.

Thank you, Dr. Dongre.

8 July, 2021

From : Ketan Kothari

Very supportive, flexible in timing. Takes ownership of our concerns, nicer way of showing path we need to follow. That too from our own ideas !!!
Basically helping us in rearranging goals, priorities.
Superb way of counselling.

8 July, 2021

From : Niyati patel

I am Niyati Patel.
I was suffering from fissure. The first time when i noticed blood I was very scared and went to my gynaec. There was no relief after the medication and i was advised to visit a specialist.. I was anxious and hesitant to go to any doctor for anal examination. Then I came across Dr. ANJANA DONGRE.
During the first consultation I was in tears but she was compassionate , empathetic and a very patient listener not at all in any rush.. she gave me a hope that by following certain regime along with medications I will be cured.
The common idea is homeopathy takes time and I was pretty impatient.. she gave me 3 doses which she calls as her "MAGICAL DOSES" really worked wonders for me.
I was 50 %relieved from my pain . After the continuous medication now I am completely cured.
Here I take the opportunity to thank you so much for your patience, care , genuine concern as you followed up regularly and gave immense emotional support to fight the fear... trust you completely.. highest recommendation !!!!

8 July, 2021

From : Bhagyalaxmi Rangarajan

I am a 64 year female with complaints of rectal bleeding diagnosed due to piles about 1 year back. Have had episodes of bleeding off and on but this had increased in severity and frequency last year. On account of multiple medical ailments like hypertension, diabetes, hypothyroidism along with an angioplasty done 4 years back surgery, as advised by most, was very risky.

Hence I opted for a homeopathic treatment and I have not been disappointed. Dr Anjana treated me and I am completely cured. The medicine had immediate effect and I am normal and healthy thanks to her treatment. Best wishes and regards.

8 July, 2021

From : Vaibhavi

Very kind , Very supportive Dr Anjana Mam, specially for children as well as adults also..... perfect treatment for each & every patient ...I am really thankful to have her kind of Dr in my life ....also good listener , counsellor who understands our problems...

8 July, 2021

From : Janki Sharvil Pathak

Her medication is effective.
She devotes lots of time to understand the complaints of the patients, Which very few doctors do.

8 July, 2021

From : Pranami Khandekar

Hello this is Pranami Khandekar.
I was dealing with so many issues physical as well as psychological ... physical included hormonal imbalance , cervical erosion due to which my inability to conceive ... Bt Anjuaunty's meds helped me come out of it properly & quite soon too.. Bach flower remedy which she specialises in was the one she gave me for my issues then & I clearly remember I conceived within a month .. & my pregnancy too was quite smooth with her meds ... now I rely her completely .. be it for my common cold & cough or be it migraine or anxiety .... to me her clinic is one stop solution ... I hardly rely on allopathy thanks to her & her meds ...

8 July, 2021

From : Prajna Honawar

Soham's story Since childhood Soham was a very active child. His milestones showed advanced progress. When he entered school he showed a lot of restlessness when at play and many other activities. He was unable to sit in one place. Lack of concentration started affecting his studies. He was not able to write or read properly.
When he was in grade 4 we took him to a well known psychologist in Hyderabad who tested him and he was detected with ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) for which treatment was administered with immediate effect. We also took him to a doctor who prescribed medicines which lasted for about two years. Soham showed considerable progress in his studies and behavior. He was more calmer and could concentrate better.
After two years of the treatment we shifted to Ahmedabad where all these treatment gradually stopped. Though he showed progress there was no consistency. He started having behavioral problems at school much to the disappointment of the teachers. At this juncture I met Dr.
Anjana Dogre who advised to undergo homeopathic treatment and also periodic counseling sessions. Within a span of six months Soham started showing progress in his behavior as well as studies. He started showing responsibility towards his studies and his behavior showed considerable progress. The teachers were glad to see this positive development and they too started guiding him in his studies. His rigorous study pattern in the tenth grade showed that the homeopathic treatment had made its mark. In tenth he scored 70.2 %, much to our delight and also the teachers. We felt proud at this achievement. I thank Dr. Anjana for showing us the way and boosting Soham's self esteem.


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